3D Printing has revolutionised our lives and here are 5 pretty awesome 3D printed stuff:

1. Guitar

3D Printed Suff - GuitarThe first 3D printed guitar was created by Scott Summi and now we can all do it!

2. Sculptures from Children’s Drawings

3D Printed Stuff - Crayon Creations

Angelina Jolie might have had her children’s drawings placed on her wedding dress, but with 3D printing you can turn your children’s drawings into sculptures.

3. Medical Models

3D Printed Stuff - Medical Models

3D printing doesn’t get cooler than 3D medical models. These models allow doctors in training to study the human body without needing a (expensive) cadaver. Also, surgeons are able to plant out a surgery on the model before operating on a real patient.

4. Android Bugdroids

3D printed Stuff - Bugdroids

All geeks love to display their Bugdroids everywhere from their desks to their bathroom cabinets, but now you can customise your Bugdroid thanks to the brilliance of 3D printing.

5. A Castle

3D Printed Stuff - Castle

No, not the beer. A man actually 3D concrete printed an entire life-size castle made from concrete.