If you have an iPhone you NEED these 5 essential apps for iPhone:

1. Find my iPhone

5 Essential Apps for iPhone - 1

What it does: This app helps you find your iPhone if it has been stolen or if you have misplaced it.

Why you need it: In a country with such high crime rates, most of us have been a victim of crime. If you have this app you are able to locate your iPhone and possibly get it back. It is also a handy app if you are prone to misplacing your phone.

2. Shazam

5 Essential Apps for iPhone - 2

What it does: Have you ever heard a song and wished you knew what it was so you can download it? With Shazam you can just press a button and it will tell you who the song is by and what the title is. It even has an option for you to purchase the song on iTunes.

Why you need it: If you love music and love collecting music this app will become your best friend.

3. Camera+

5 Essential Apps for iPhone - 3

What it does: This app turns your boring iPhone pics into masterpieces. It allows you to enhance photos, reduce red eye, add special effects and much more.

Why you need it: You need this app if you love taking pictures with your iPhone, it will really make your photos special.

4. Waze

5 Essential Apps for iPhone - 4

What it does: This is an amazing traffic and navigation app. What sets Waze apart from other navigation apps like Google Maps, is that it is community-based, which means that users in your area are constantly updating the traffic situation. The app even alerts you to speed-traps and roadblocks.

Why you need it: Prone to getting lost? Sick of traffic? This app is def

5. IMDb

5 Essential Apps for iPhone - 5

What it does: IMDb is a movies and entertainment app, which lists everything regarding the entertainment business.

Why you need it: If you love to brag about your infinite knowledge regarding movies and series, this app should become your bible.