Keen on starting your own business? Follow these 5 easy steps to register a company in South Africa:

Step 1: Register as a Customer

You will need to register as a customer to be able to login into the CIPC website.

Here’s how: Click on the Customer Registration tab in the left corner > Enter your details and login.

Step 2: Name Reservation

Before registering your company you will need to reserve a name for your company as well as 3 alternative names.

Here’s how: Click on the Name Reservation tab in the left corner > Enter your company name and 3 alternatives > Safe your name reservation tracking number.

Step 3: Enter details

Your next step is to enter your company details which include your directors, your auditors and other company officers.

Step 4: Confirm and print

Once you are happy with all the details for your company confirm and print out a copy.

Step 5: Submit

Sign your documents which you have printed out and deliver them at the CIPC offices where it will be processed immediately.

Still unsure? Check out this video explaining how to register a company: