iPhone 6 - Invite 2

Somehow details of a new iPhone or iDevice always leaks before Tim Cook can pull it out of his pocket or out of an envelope. Even though nothing is certain, here are some of the essential things you should know about the iPhone 6 launch tomorrow:

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1. It will probably be called the iPhone 6

Yes, a very obvious point to make. But some observers suggest that there will be a version called iPhone 6L (large). This suggests that the new iPhone will be coming out in 2 versions, one being a larger version (like the iPad and the iPad Mini).

2. It might work with the rumoured iWatch

Rumour has it that the iWatch will be launched as a companion device to the iPhone 6. And this rumour might just be true as Tim Cook as promised that Apple is “closer than ever to launch a smartwatch.

3. It will have a new iOS

The new iPhone will probably be operating on iOS8, which was announced in June this year.

4. New Camera

Apple recently hired NAME, who was the designer behind the Nokia Lumia. This move might suggest that Apple is aiming high in terms of camera quality.

5. Design

Check out the gallery to see rumoured iPhone 6 designs: