Smartphone Battery Life Featured

Apps are what make smartphone amazing, but these apps feed off of smartphone battery life. So, next time you are running low on battery life, be sure to quit these 5 apps:

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1. Facebook

Smartphone Battery Life Facebook

Facebook is not only the world’s biggest social media network, it is also the worst app for battery life.

2. Twitter

Smartphone Battery Life Twitter

Twitter doesn’t drain battery life as heavily as Facebook, but avoid refreshing your timeline while running low on battery life.

3. Free Games

Any game sucks battery life from your smartphone, but the free versions of the games are even worse because of the pop-up advertising.

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4. Maps

Smartphone Battery Life Maps

Map apps, as well as any other app that uses location services, should be avoided if you are about to run out of battery life.

5. Camera

Smartphone Battery Life Camera

In general your camera app shouldn’t be draining your battery, but if you are at an event snapping away you will start noticing a steady decline in your battery life.