As expected, Apple launched its first ever smartwatch, the Apple Watch at its event yesterday.

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How it looks

True to Apple aesthetics, the Apple Watch is sleek and simple. It’s rectangular with rounded edges and comes with changeable straps. The straps range from metal to a more sporty look to a sophisticated leather strap.

The Apple Watch will come in two sizes, a smaller option (for ladies perhaps) and a bigger option for bigger wrists.

The iPhone 6 might not have come out with the rumoured sapphire covering, but the Apple Watch did which means you don’t have to worry about nasty scratches.

You may have noticed the turning knob on the side. No, it’s not to adjust the time. If you push it, it works like your iPhone home button and you turn it to zoom.

Check out how sleek it looks:

Apple Watch 1 Apple Watch 2 Apple Watch 3 Apple Watch 4 1

How it works

When you swipe up from the bottom of the watch you are given a “Glance” look at some information that you would want easy access to.

It also comes with usual responses people would use to reply to messages or you can simply dictate to Siri by pressing the crown-press on the side of the Apple Watch.

Apple obviously wants to encourage healthy living with its smartwatch as the Apple Watch has many sensor including a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. Not only will it track how much you’ve moved, but it can calculate the calories you have burned as well, even if you are just standing up. The Activity app is what brings all these functions together.

The watch obviously only works with iPhone, but luckily not just the iPhone 6 – it is compatible from the iPhone 5 up.

Your Apple Watch will be charged by connecting a magnetic cord to the back of the watch.

Users will be able to charge an Apple Watch by connecting a cord magnetically to the back of the watch body. We aren’t sure how long it will hold its charge, but Tim Cook mentioned yesterday that you can wear it “all day long”.