iPod Classic 1

Truly an end of an era. Apple has discontinued the iPod Classic and it didn’t even get a proper goodbye. All the little device, that changed everything  for Apple, got was for visitors to be re-directed to Apple’s home page.

When the iPod debuted back in 2001 it was technically the same as any other MP3 player on the market. What set it apart was its simplicity, which was insisted on by Steve Jobs. It looked sleek and elegant and was much smaller than other devices at the time and also more user-friendly.

iPod Classic Steve Jobs

This move was predicted by Apple back in 2009 by CFO Peter Oppenheimer who stated that the company is expecting a decline in its MP3 market.

“For traditional MP3 players, which includes Shuffle, Nano, and Classic, we saw a year-over-year decline which we internally had forecasted to occur. This is one of the original reasons we developed the iPhone and the iPod Touch. We expect our traditional MP3 players to decline over time as we cannibalize ourselves with the iPod Touch and the iPhone.”

As we say goodbye, check out the first advertisement for the iPod classic: