Whatsapp updates happen seldom but their philosophy seems to be quality over quantity as the Whatsapp update is usually cool.

Whats new

Archive messages for individual or group chats

Here’s how: Swipe horizontally over the message or group chat  > More > (new) Archive option

Whatsapp Update 3

Add captions to photos or videos

Here’s how: Snap a photo (with the new dedicated Whatsapp camera icon) > Tap to add caption at the bottom

Whatsapp Update 2

iPhone 5s users can now share slow motion videos thanks to the new Whatsapp update. You are also able to trim the photos before sharing them, which is a great feature if you only want to share part of a video.

Here is the full the full changelog for the new Whatsapp update:

  • Added ability to archive chats and groups
  • Add captions to photos and videos
  • Added fast camera access button for capturing and sending photos

Whatsapp Update 1

  • You can now share slow-motion videos (iPhone 5s only)
  • You can now trim videos before sharing them
  • Share Location: add support for satellite and hybrid map views when sharing a location
  • Share Location: drop and drag pin lets you share a precise location
  • New media auto-download preferences: Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download
  • New Wallpapers: Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Wallpapers > Wallpaper Library
  • New Notification tones: Settings > Notifications
  • You can now attach screenshots when reporting problems