Back in 2001 the first Xbox was released and it has come a very long way. Here is a summary of the Xbox history:

The Rise of The Xbox

Xbox History - Xbox

Few believed that Xbox would be able to hold its own when it was first released. But Microsoft had some tricks up his sleeve and secured the acquisition of game developers Bungie, which meant that it had first dibs on the release of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Another smart move from Microsoft was to launch Xbox Live a year after the launch of the Xbox. This caused online gaming to move from PC exclusive to console as well.

What set the Xbox apart from Playstation and Nintendo was the fact that it had such cool features like the ability to rip CDs and its built-in hard drive. Today people are still taking advantage of these features and using the console as a media centre with the XBMC (Xbox Media Centre) software to stream video and music content.

The Xbox 360

Xbox History - Xbox 360

Four years after the arrival of the Xbox, the Xbox 360 was launched. The highly anticipated console beat PS3 to the market by an entire year. The Xbox 360 continued to focus on the success of Xbox Live. However, the Xbox 360 wasn’t without its faults. Three words: red-ring of death, which caused Microsoft to lose about $1Billion in replacing consoles. However the Xbox 360 continued to benefit from a strong Xbox Live offering and a superbly designed controller.

Microsoft then brought consumers Kinect for the console, a motion and voice-sensor, which really pushed the levels of interactive gaming albeit for a relatively small selection of titles.

The Xbox One

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Xbox History - Xbox one

Basically everyone on planet Earth was holding their breath for the Xbox One. The new Xbox promised to revolutionise the world of gaming and entertainment and aims to create an all-round entertainment experience. However with it’s tiered launch it hasn’t reached the sales numbers of the PS4 and has many people on the fence. It launches in South Africa and other second tier countries this month so you will have to make up your own mind.

You can get yours on 23 September 2014 or just enter our competition to win one.

Check out this infographic of the timeline of the history of Xbox:

Xbox History - Visual