Tired of the standard emoji keyboard? We sorted you out with our pick of the 5 best and FREE emoji apps to help you express any mood you are in:

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1. Emoji

Emoji Apps - Emoji

This emoji app consists of about 20 categories to choose just the right emoji for your mood. Emoji lets you send your selected emoji through any messaging application.

Download it from GooglePlay

2. Imoji

Emoji Apps - Imoji

This app is amazing because you can turn your selfies (or anything you want) into emoji’s and send it to your friends.

Download it from iTunes

3. Emoticons for Chats

Emoji Apps - Emoticons for Chats

This app has more than 2 000 emoji’s and stickers, which you can share on any messaging app.

Download it from GooglePlay

4. Emojidom Smileys

Emoji Apps - Emojidom Smileys

Emojidom Smileys has some great characters like a Superman emoji and more than 2 000 other cool characters.

Download it from iTunes and GooglePlay

5. Emoji Free

Emoji Apps - Emoji Free

Emoji Free has a great collection of cartoon emoji’s, like cats, ducks and rabbits.

Download it from iTunes