Ballantine’s, the world’s No 2 whisky has launched a global campaign to find and feature the stories of people who represent its “Stay True, Leave an Impression” initiative, featuring none other than South Africa’s Black Coffee!

Black Coffee's Human Orchestra ST

The campaign features a series of short films that tell the stories of many unique individuals around the world. The films feature people who represent Ballantine’s slogan, ‘”Stay True, Leave an Impression’”. You can check out the entire series of short films at The whole idea behind the campaign is to find people who can tell their stories through performing creative and artistic experiments representing their passions, philosophies and talent.

Black Coffee's Human Orchestra 2

The newest short film in the series, titled “Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra”, features South African DJ and producer, Black Coffee leading a group of 40 African vocalists to recreate a voice-only version of his electronic track, “Rock My World”.

The short is set right here in Johannesburg and starts with a background story around Black Coffee’s life and his music. The film then shows him assembling the vocalists from across the African continent. We then see Black Coffee work his magic when he leads the group of 40 vocalists to an epic recreation of a voice-only version of Black Coffee’s “Rock My World”.

Black Coffee's Human Orchesta 1

Black Coffee is famous for his commitment and passion to unite people through music.

Black Coffee's Human Orchestra

“Musical experimentation and its power to bring people together is why I do what I do. When Ballantine’s asked me what my dream experiment would be, I wanted to set us the challenge to do something unique.”

Be inspired by the truly awesome short film:

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