Selfie Facetune 1

If you love taking selfies then you will love Facetune. The app is designed specifically for portraits or group photos and has special tools to edit facial features.

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How it Works

When you use the app for the first time you will be given a demo photo to practice on and each tool will have a short tutorial when you open it for the first time. The tools also have guide videos to demonstrate how the creators use each tool.

The app comes with a total of 10 editing tools:

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  1. Crop,
  2. Whiten,
  3. Smooth,
  4. Details,
  5. Reshape,
  6. Patch,
  7. Tones,
  8. Red Eye,
  9. Defocus,
  10. Filters and Frames.

The app enables you to zoom in on your selfie with the pinch-to-zoom gesture to ensure that you don’t miss a single spot. By selecting the Move button you disable the tool currently selected and you can then move around the photo by swiping across the screen.

Selfie facetune Gestures

The tools aren’t just limited to covering up, but you can actually manipulate the picture and resize and reshape big ears for instance or make a flat booty pop with the Reshape tool.

You can track how much you’ve edited a photo by holding down on a button which sits in the bottom-right corner of your photo. This is useful because you never want to look too fake or over-edited. The trick is always to look as natural and convincing as possible. You also have the option to undo any of the editing you’ve applied to your photo.

Selfie Facetune Natural

Once you are happy with your photo you have the option to share and show youselfie off on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or you can simply save it to your phone.

You can get Facetune for R36.99 from iTunes or for R31.99 from GooglePlay

Check out these amazing before and after Facetune shots: