If you are looking for a top end gaming headset, then the Tritton 720+ 7.1 surround headphones have to be on the list to consider. There is a lot going for these slick headphones so let’s break it down.



The first thing that you will notice is the awesome packaging. The 720+ really feels like a special piece of kit while you are unpacking it. The next thing would be the headphones themselves. One of the reason’s I was initially drawn to the 720+ is the great aesthetic of the headset – it’s a very sexy looking setup.

The headset is very solidly built and reinforces the premium feel with great materials used – from the sturdy yet adjustable band, soft cushioning around the ears and under the headband to the solid feeling cables that are included. You get a control as part of the wiring, which offers the ability to adjust volume for sound and mic independently as well as mute the mic. The control itself is a bit heavy, but it does come with a clip so that you can attach it to your shirt to avoid it dangling.

I was very impressed by the build quality, look and feel of the Tritton 720+ headset.


The 720+ comes with a massive range of connection options making it a cross platform solution (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC) although the Xbox One doesn’t have the direct controller adapter (can be purchased separately). I tried the headset across PS4, Xbox One and PC to put it through it’s paces. The first thing that I noticed was a slight humming noise when no sounds were coming through (during quiet moments in a game) but this was fixed by plugging the USB power cable into a USB wall socket rather than through a device (like the PS4).


On the sound from the 720+ delivers really crisp and clear audio with some very good surround sound. It does however lack the punch of some really good bass at times. While this differs for some people, I would expect a headset of this range to deliver a bit more bass than it does. Having said that they provided a great all round experience and excelled while playing games like Middle:Earth Shadow of Mordor on the Xbox One and then Alien: Isolation on PC. Setting the Tritton’s up on the PC was a bit tricky – they don’t come with an fancy software and rely on other software. I had a few problems recognising all 7 channels through my soundcard and using the soundcards software. After a bit of fiddling it came right – but this is an area that Tritton could definitely improve on.

After using the headset for quite a while I have become a fan and really enjoy them. At this price point, if you are looking for the best audio experience there are other headsets out there that exceed the 720+. If you are looking for build quality, aesthetics or cross platform functionality the Tritton 720+ 7.1 surround headset is a solid performer that should be considered.