Drunk Dialling Featured

With the weekend coming up we thought we would hook you up with these 5 apps to prevent you from drunk dialling and texting:

1. Lockout: Drunk Messaging Blocker

Drunk Dialling - Lockout

Before a rager you can select 6 apps to disable on your smartphone, including Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. You can then choose the period you want your chosen apps to be blocked and you won’t be able to access these apps even if you delete the app.

Download it from GooglePlay

2. Text Hold ‘Em

Drunk Dialling - Text Hold Em

Use this app to mark contacts as either a devil or an angel. The app will then hold texts you attempt to send to devil contacts at certain “vulnerable” periods. Once the period has lapsed you can go back and approve the message or (most likely) delete it.

Download it from GooglePlay

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3. Designated Dialer

Drunk Dialling - Designated Dialer

You can choose contacts to block using this app and if you do try to contact a blocked number you will be redirected to a toll-free number for the creator of the app. Your contacts will be unblocked when you pass a sobriety test.

Download it from GooglePlay or iTunes

4. Drunk Dial NO!

Drunken Dialing - Drunk Dial No!

This app doesn’t have a limit on the amount of contacts you can prevent yourself from contacting and you can block a contact for up to 48 hours. You can also add a group of contacts to block multiple people. The app also allows you to send a message to your future drunk self to remind you not to drunk dial your boss and tell him how much you hate him.

Download it from iTunes

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5. Stop Contact

Drunk Dialling - Stop Contact

Stop Contact hides any number you choose from your contacts list which means that you can’t even see the number and use someone else’s phone to tell your crush how hot you think she is. After 12 hours the app puts the removed number back into your contacts list.

Download it from iTunes