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You have the perfect angle, the perfect lighting and the perfect smile to take that a perfect picture. But if you really want to spice-up your selfies, we suggest you try these 5 apps:

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1. Frontback

Selfie Apps - Frontback

This app is very popular and even Ashton Kutcher uses it. It’s a cool app that lets you create a two-picture photo using the front and rear cameras of your phone. You can take your selfie and then include your point of view.

Download it from iTunes or GooglePlay

2. MomentCam

Selfie Apps - Momentcam

Turn your selfies into a cartoon characters with MomentCam. The app also allows you to edit any feature of your cartoon photo.

Download it from iTunes or GooglePlay

3. VSCO Cam

Selfie Apps - VSCO Cam

This app has started gaining a lot of popularity because of its cool editing features and numerous filters.

Download it from iTunes or GooglePlay

4. Doublie

Selfie Apps - Doublie

With Doublie you can add any of over 10,000 stickers and celebrity cut-outs to your selfies or any other picture.

Download it from iTunes

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5. Loopcam

Selfie Apps - Loopcam

Loopcam allows you to turn your selfies into fun GIFs and you can even add fun filters and silly stickers.

Download it from iTunes

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