Blood Sport is Brand & Grotesque‘s Kickstarted campaign that hopes to develop a gaming blood collection system.

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Blood Sport F

How It Works

Blood Sport 1

Most controllers come with a rumbling system where the controller vibrates whenever you take a hit. What Blood Sport aims to do is take the rumbling system of your controller and turn it into a blood collection system  where blood will be drawn intravenously every time you take a hit in the game.

Blood Sport 2


The blood collection machine will be connected to your controller via an Arduino Board. This will send a signal to the blood collection system when you’ve been hit, while at the same time monitoring how much blood is being extracted to shut down the Blood Sport before you do. The system will know to power down based on your age, weight and medical condition.

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The system will work with any gaming console that has controllers with the rumbling function.

Blood Sport 3

The whole point of Blood Sport is to raise awareness for blood donation and to make donating blood a more enjoyable experience.

Check out their pitch below and let us know in the comments section if you would do this.