Barbie has been everything from a lawyer to an astronaut, but according to a 2010 book, Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer, she struggles to become a computer engineer and needs some help from her male friends.

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Barbie 5

The book, which is still available for purchase, has caused an uproar  because of the its negative message regarding girls and women in technology. According to the book, computer engineering is too hard for Barbie and her kid sister, Skipper, and they need help from boys to develop a game. Barbie also manages to infect two laptops with a virus and becomes a typical damsel in distress who needs two guys to help her resolve the problem and recover her files, even though they are taking the exact same college course.

Game developer, Brianna Wu, has dissed the book’s many flaws in a string of hilarious tweets which she has compiled with Storify and below are some of our favourite tweets. Tell us what you think of the message this book gives to girls in the comments section.