Gunnar Optiks provide a range of different glasses specifically targeted towards gamers that reduce eye strain and enhance your gaming. We thought this sounded like a lot of marketing genius and no substantial value, so we got our hands on a couple of pairs of Gunnar Intercepts to test them out.


The Intercepts come in a range of colours with some pretty rad looking frames. While you may not be planning on wearing them out and about, it’s always great to have a great looking pair of glasses. We had a pair of Cobalt blur and Kryptonite green to review. The plus point on the Kryptonie green is that the frames match the lenses (which have a yellow/green hue) where as the Cobalt blue contrasts – but that would be up to your personal preference.

The frames themselves are unbelievably comfortable, fitting perfectly on my face and lightweight enough to disappear (after a few minutes of gaming I totally forgot I was wearing them. I tried them out with a couple of different headsets as well and they managed to fit quite snugly and not give any issues at first, but after an hour or so of gaming the pressure from the larger headsets (Tritton 720+) on the frame did start to hurt my ears.

So what about the lenses then? That’s the main question and the one that I was most skeptical about. Gunnar claim that these lenses reduce eye strain, reduce glare, filter out harsh blue light, increase contrast and protect your eyes during long play sessions.


While I can’t vouch for the overall health of my eyes there is no doubt that they reduce glare and take the strain off your eyes. I used them while playing PC games such as Alien Isolation, Evolve Alpha, Borderlands 2 etc and really felt the difference. My eyes felt less tired after long sessions and the overall effect of wearing them actually added to the feeling of immersion with the retro feel of Aliens and the bright colours of Borderlands. I also used them in the lounge while playing Destiny and found that the glare reduction was particularly useful in that environment.

It does take a couple of minutes to get used to the slightly yellowish tinge but after a while you brain autocorrects the colours and you don’t even notice. I like the idea of suiting up for a long play session with the Intercepts and my headset getting your mind in the game before you start.


I was very impressed by the Gunnar Intercepts and can recommend you pick up a pair if you regularly spend long hours in front of a glowing screen (which I know you do, that’s why you are here…) and at the price (R500 from Titan-Ice) they are a great piece of gaming kit to add to your collection. Now you just need to decide which colour…