We’ve all been there, the utter devastation when your iPhone gets damaged. But we’ve hooked you up with tips to fix any form of iPhone abuse:

1. Broken Home Button

iPhone - Home Button

Many iPhone users have had this annoying problem where the Home button breaks. There are many reasons why this happens. Your first step is to make sure the Home button is clean, because spilling something sticky on your phone could cause the button to get stuck. If you are sure it is clean, check if the Home button has misaligned. You can realign it by plugging it in and pushing the Home button up with the connector, which might be able to realign it.

If all else fails, don’t despair! You can use AssistiveTouch which puts a Home button on your screen.

Here’s how: Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch

2. Water Damage

iPhone - Water

If your phone took a dive, the first thing to remember is to turn it off (if it isn’t already off) and only turn it back on when it has completely dried. Once it is off dry it will a towel and shake it vigorously to get as much water out of it as possible. Now, put your phone in a sealed bag (ziplock bags work the best) or container of rice for 2 days to allow the rice to suck out all the moisture trapped in your device.

If this didn’t work and some moisture is still trapped in your phone, try a hairdryer. Use the coolest setting possible and keep the hairdryer far away from your phone to prevent any of the parts from melting.

3. Won’t Charge

iPhone - Charging

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If your phone won’t charge your battery might be dead and might need to be replaced. But before you break open your piggy bank there could be some obvious causes that you can fix yourself. It might not be your phone, but your charger so try a different charger and make sure it is properly inserted into the wall. Make sure the battery port is clear of any dust or dirt that could prevent it from connecting to the charger.

The problem might not be physical, so try to reboot the phone as it might be having some software problems which is preventing it from charging.

Here’s how: Hold down the Home button and the Lock button until the screen turns black. Turn it back on and try charging it once the Apple logo has gone away and you are on your home screen.

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