J.K. Rowling definitely treated AND tricked Harry Potter fans this Halloween.

Rowling made good on her promise to release a 1 700 story outlining the background and life of Dolores Umbridge.

New Harry Potter DU 1

But we underestimated Rowling’s sneakiness. On 31 October, FIVE additional essays were quietly hidden on Pottermore.com.

New Harry Potter Story 3

The five other essays are of course inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter. One essay explores the history of Azkaban prison, which turns out was originally the home of a dark wizard who tortured muggles.

New Harry Potter Story 4

The other topics covered by the essays are the Ministry of Magic, the Thestrals (death horses), a background of the loopy divination teacher, Professor Trelawney and lastly, an explanation of wizarding naming customs.

New Harry Potter story 2

If you would like to read Rowling’s new essays, head on over to Pottermore.com and you will find them hidden in the Order of the Phoenix section.