YouTube Music Key Featured

YouTube has announced that it will release a beta version of YouTube Music Key, a music subscription service with a monthly prescription fee.

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The service will allow users to listen to songs and watch music videos without having to skip through annoying ads. Another new and awesome feature is that your music will continue playing even when the screen locks, when you switch to a different app or when you lose connection. You will also gain automatic access to the entire Google Play Music library and vice versa.

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The service is still in beta phase and only a few users will be invited to use it and they get 6 months free, after which they will pay  about $8. We don’t know how the selection will be made, with YouTube only saying it’s sending invites to its “biggest music fans first.”  The prescription service will also only be limited to users in US, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Finland at first. YouTube’s reasoning behind releasing the prescription service in beta phase is to learn from these initial users and with the site’s popularity it is bound to learn a helluva lot.

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Artists and fans have made YouTube the biggest music service in the world, says Christophe Muller, YouTube’s director of global music partnerships. We want to continue to make YouTube the best place for artists and fans to connect.

There is also a free part of YouTube’s Music Key which is already available world-wide on Android, iPhones and the Web and users will notice a new corner in the top dedicated to music. The new section will show your favourite music videos, recommended music and trending music across YouTube. This section will expand to where you will be able to find artist discographies  and listen to full albums.