20th Anniversary Edition PS4

It really does feel like yesterday that Sony released the first PlayStation. That was 20 years ago. Pretty incredible, I was 9 when the PlayStation came out and totally feel like that 9 year old again looking at this little beauty.

To celebrate this milestone, Sony have announced a limited run of 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 consoles (only 12,300 so good luck getting one) made in the image of the original. The number of units represents the original launch date, 3 December 1994.

The design is beautiful. The colour goes back to “Original Grey” and will be packaged in a commemorative box. It’s even rocking the colourful logo the original PlayStation came out with. There is some serious detail going on here which looks incredible to say the least.

We have some video’s and images below for you to drool over. Enjoy 🙂


20th Anniversary Edition PS4

Watch the launch video of the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4:

Here is the unboxing video for the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4:

Gallery of images: (PlayStation.Blog)

Our goal in life is to get hands on this console!