Apple’s annual pick of the year’s top apps and games has been released. Elevate, an app that improves concentration and memory, is this year’s top app and Threes!, a puzzle game, grabs the top game spot. Some of the other notable apps that made the list include SwiftKey Keyboard, Uber and Hyperlapse from Instagram. It is interesting to note that the top game as well as the runner-up, Leo’s Fortune, are both puzzle solving games.

Apple Apps 2

Top Apps

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  1. Elevate
  2. Hyperlapse from Instagram – A video capturing app which slows down videos to create a time-lapse and reduces shaking.
  3. Yahoo News Digest
  4. Storehouse – An image-based storytelling app
  5. SwiftKey Keyboard
  6. 1Password
  7. Camera+
  8. Toca Lab – Children’s science app
  9. NYT Now
  10. 120 Sports
  11. Camu
  12. Spring – A shopping app
  13. BuzzFeed
  14. Peak – An app which challenges and improves your brain
  15. Nighty Night Circus – Children’s bedtime storytelling app
  16. Uber – Taxi service
  17. Paper – Secondary Facebook app that accumulates trending topics and content
  18. Waterlogue – A photo editing app that turns any photo into a watercolour image.
  19. Human – Health and fitness app
  20. Stellar – A visual storytelling app
  21. TeleStory – An app that allows children to star in digital TV shows
  22. Network TV
  23. Litely
  24. Star Walk – A stargazing app
  25. Cinamatic
  26. Health Mate
  27. Yummly – Recipe app
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