All of us have been there: you need to update iOS or you want to snap a shot but you don’t have enough space left on your iPhone. Apparently iOS 8 can consume up to 23.1% of a device’s storage according to a class action brought against Apple. But don’t despair, we’ve hooked you up with 5 easy tips to clear-up space on your iPhone:

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1. Check Your Usage

Your first step is to check your storage.

Here’s how: Open Settings > General > Usage > Manage Usage.

iPhone Space 4

There is a summary at the top telling you how much space you’ve used and how much you have left. Below that is a list of apps and how much space each is using.

 2. Delete Games And Apps

Games and apps can take up a lot of space on your devices (depending on the graphics and performance). That’s why it’s good to get into the habit of deleting games you’ve completed or apps you don’t use.

Here’s how: Open Settings > General > Usage > Manage Usage > From here you can delete the app by tapping on it.

iPhone Space 3

If you change your mind later you can always download a deleted app or game again from the App Store.

3. Set Your Messages To Automatically Expire

Messages can take up a lot of space and it is easier to use this feature than to delete each message thread individually.

Here’s how: Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages > From here you can choose whether you would like your messages to expire after 30 days or after 1 year.

iPhone Space 2

Further, you can choose to have video and voice messages expire after 2 minutes.

Here’s how: Go to Settings > Messages > Scroll right to the bottom where you can choose to have your audio or video messages expire after 2 minutes or never.

4. Don’t Double Save

If you are using HDR (high-dynamic-range imaging) you might notice that your iPhone automatically saves the HDR photo as well as the normal photo. It is completely useless to save the normal photo as well and duplicates take up a lot of space.

Here’s how: Go to Settings > Photo & Camera > Deselect Keep Normal Photo.

iPhoneSpace 1

5. Turn Off Photo Stream

iPhone’s Photo Stream is a feature that automatically syncs the last 1 000 photos across all your iOS devices. If you don’t need to share your photos on all your devices you should turn this feature off because it uses up a lot of space.

Here’s how: Go to Settings > Photos & Camera > Deselect My Photo Stream.

iPhone Space 6