In an apparent response to a recent EU ruling, Apple will now offer user 14-day refunds from any purchase made from the App Store, iBooks or iTunes.

Apple Refunds 1

Before this update it was rare to get a refund through Apple and you had to get in touch with customer services. But now you don’t have to provide any reason to get a refund on an item.


If you wish to request a refund you can use the App Store’s Report a Problem feature or you can write directly to the seller. Apple promises that you will be refunded within 14 days of claiming it.


This new update appears to be in response to a EU directive requiring companies that sell goods or provide services in Europe to offer a 14 day refund. This means that the update might not apply in South Africa yet. Last month Apple also updated the “free” icon to “get” so that consumers are aware of the fact that costs might apply to in-app purchases.

Apple Refunds 2