Gotham will return for another season.

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Gotham 1

Variety reports that Fox’s Batman origin series, Gotham, will be returning for a second season. According to the report it was an easy decision to renew Gotham for a second season as the show pulls in about 10.5 million viewers. Gotham is not the only DC Comics success story, with popular shows like Constantine (NBC) and The Flash on CW. The Flash has also been renewed for a new season. However, it isn’t looking too great for Constantine as production for the show was halted after only 13 episodes.

Gotham follows the story of police commissioner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) during the time after Bruce Wayne‘s parents were robbed and murdered in front of Bruce. The pilot really sets the tone of the story, following Gordon while he investigates the murder of Bruce‘s parents. In his investigation he meets the future Penguin, a teenage Catwoman and a plant-loving girl named Ivy. 

Other great cast members include Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Moonkey and Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock.

Gotham Cast

If you haven’t watched this epic series yet, maybe the trailer for the first season will persuade you: