Everything is awesome when you are playing The LEGO Movie Game for iOS.

The LEGO Movie Game 1

The LEGO Movie Game first came out about a year ago around the same time as the movie for consoles, but The Lego Movie Game for iOS has only now been released.

The LEGO Movie Game 4

The LEGO Movie Game features key elements and all the characters (without original voices) of the movie. The main goal of the game to complete missions by solving puzzles, beating the baddies and collecting coins. The coins you collect allows you to unlock more characters and bonuses. The game features 45 levels, including familiars from the movie like Flatbush Gulch and Cloud Cuckoo Land. The game features cool characters, it’s fun and non-violent, has whimsical music that concludes every level and is suitable for all ages.

You obviously play with the movie’s main character, Emmet, a normal, rule-follower who is mistaken for the chosen one who is the key to saving the world. Along the way you form a fellowship with a bunch of strangers in your quest to stop an evil bad guy from destroying the world. You get to build some epic LEGO creations as you collect instruction pages and master the power of the Master Builders.

The LEGO Movie Game 2

You can download The LEGO Movie Game for iOS for R59.99 from iTunes.

Check out the awesome trailer for The LEGO Movie Game trailer: