The Nando’s black card has become a bit of a celebrity status symbol, but does it even exist?

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Nando's Black Card 2

Apparently the Nando’s black card is given to certain celebrities around the world for unlimited free food.

It has been alleged that the likes of Oprah, Dizzee Rascal, David Beckham, Example and Andy Murray each have a Nando’s black card. Example and Ed Sheeran apparently refers to the mysterious black card in the Nando’s Skank song. Sheeran even posted a picture with his Nando’s black card, but is it really a thing?

Nando's Black Card 1

Co-founder and chief executive of Nando’s South Africa, Robbie Brozin, has said that he has no knowledge of such a card and has never seen any evidence that proves its existence. Brozin told Britain’s Financial Times that:

It’s a rumour, I believe. I haven’t got one. It’s about time they gave me one. If it does exist, I’d like one.

Check out the video for Nando’s Skank, in which Example and Ed Sheeran apparently makes reference to the Nando’s black card and let us know if you think it really exists: