Meet the PlayBox; a combination of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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PlayBox 2

Eddie Zarick, an entrepreneur and engineer has physically combined the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Zarick took apart each console and then resembled them inside a custom white box with a folding 22-inch 1080p Vizio Screen that folds down like a laptop  and built-in stereo speakers. The Xbox One’s insides occupy the right side of the box and the PlayStation 4’s guts spill over the left side.

PlayBox 2


Aside from combining two consoles, the PlayBox offers Ethernet , Wi-Fi and HDMI Out ports for both the Xbox One and PS4. However, the unit is missing the Playstation 4 Camera and the Kinect Sensor for the Xbox One, which means that things like motion and voice control and user recognition won’t work with the PlayBox.

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But you need to remember that the consoles are only placed into the same box. The consoles are basically completely independent and don’t share any firmware or hardware components, except for the joint power cable. Both the system remain distinct and only one of the consoles can be powered at a time. Zarick mentions that it would post a cooling risk if both systems were able to be powered at the same time. You switch between the consoles by flipping a red switch at the back.

PlayBox 3

Zarick custom-built the PlayBox for a specific customer and notes that he will probably not do it again based on the high cost involved as well as the labour (it took him roughly a month to complete). Some of Zarick’s previous combinations is a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation 4 (PlayBook) as well as combining an Xbox One and Xbox 360 (XBook).

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Watch this video of the PlayBook and let us know if you would order something like this.