According to a new report on 9to5Mac the Apple Watch will have about 19 hours “mixed” battery-life.

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Apple Watch Battery-Life F


The report goes on to specify that users will get about 2.5 hours of “heavy” active battery-life when playing processor-intensive games and about 4 hours for app usage like fitness tracking. The remaining 10 hours will be sucked up by background tasks performed by the Apple Watch.

Back in October, Tim Cook admitted that users are “going to wind up charging it daily”, but remained tight-lipped about the specifics regarding the Apple Watch’s battery-life.

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The report claims that the Apple Watch will ship with a powerful processor and a Retina class colour display that can update at 60 frames per second, both of which will be pretty draining on the battery. Reportedly the battery-life issue with the Apple Watch is one of the reason its released was push back from late 2014 to early this year. The MagSafe-based inductive charging mechanism for the Apple Watch, which has slow recharging time, is apparently another hurdle to overcome in terms of battery-life

Apple Watch Charging Mechanism

Apple has run extensive test on how long the Apple Watch can run purely in time-keeping modes. Apparently the Watch will be able to display the clock for 3 hours if you aren’t using it for anything else. Even though this seems like a short amount of time, Apple argues that it is unlikely that users will keep the clock display on for so long and will only occasionally check the time as the display powers off when you aren’t using the Watch.

Apple Watch Display