Selfie Course F

City of Lit college in Convent Garden, London is offering a selfie course. The course, entitled The Art of Self Portraiture, focuses on questions of identity, memory and selfhood and will cost £132 (about R2 308.56).

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Selfie Course 1

This selfie course will be running in March for a month and the lectures and group discussions will be aimed at improving your “critical understanding of the photographic self-portrait” and will help develop your ideas to create a body of work. In order to sign up for the class, students need to have an understanding of photographic functions like shutter speed, ISO and aperture as well as a camera to do all of this with.

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Selfie Course 2

It might all sound a little ridiculous but it is not the first time that a trend has become a college course: Durham University has offered a course in Harry Potter, Baltimore University had a zombie course and the University of South Caroline has a class in the art that is Lady Gaga.

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