If you are a PC geek you are gonna love our pick of 10 of our favourite customised PCs:


Customised PCs 1

The Streamliner is an awesome car-themed PC and has won Bit-Tech’s Mod of the Year 2014 Award.


Customised PCs 2

RadioActive is in-cased by the Graphite 230T that is an off-the-shelf case made by Cosair but the owner has modified it with a yellow coolant cooling system.


Customised PCs 3

Don’t let this wooden Addison PC’s size fool you. It’s been modified by its owner with aNvidia GTX 970 graphics card.

The Temple

Customised PCs 4

Modder, Love Hulten is a genius when it comes to wooden PCs. The Temple is part PC desk, part work bench.

Bloody Angel

Customised PCs 5

This rad red Blood Angel could possible be one of the best looking PCs out there. But it is also very powerful with two Nvidia GTX 780’s in SLI, has a 1500W power supply and uses seven solid state disks for storage.

Minecraft Creeper

Customised PCs 6

Dutch Modder, Richard Keirsgieter, built the Minecraft Creeper for his son who is a major fan of the game.

Game of Thrones

Customised PCs 7

If you love Game of Thrones you will love this Game of Thrones modified PC by Ronnie Hara.

The Dark Knight

Customised PCs 8

It is easy to imagine Batman working on high-tech customised PCs and The Dark Knight PC seems to be the coolest one.


Customised PCs 9

Clos3 IMPACT was modified by Modder Daniel Harper and it even includes a custom reservoir tank in the front.

Steam Cuc

Customised PCs 10

Punk is the theme for the Steam Cuc. It is covered in copper and has a liquid cooling system.