YouTube turned 10 on Valentine’s day. What started in 2005 as a simple video sharing website for founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim to share videos with each other and friends, grew into the biggest video sharing website on the Internet.

YouTube 2

In celebrating YouTube’s 10th birthday we thought we would share 5 of our all-time favourite videos:

1. Me at the zoo

Me at the zoo is the first ever YouTube video which was uploaded on 23 April 2005. The video stars co-founder Jawed Karim and sees him literally at the zoo talking awkwardly about elephants for 18 seconds. The video has had over 18 million views.

2. ronaldinho nike ad

The Nike commercial featuring football star Ronaldinho was uploaded in 2006 and became the first YouTube video to reach one million views.

3. Charlie bit my finger – again!

This video stars baby Charlie and his brother, Harry. Baby Charlie bites Harry’s finger and it is completely hilarious for some odd reason. The video was uploaded in 2007 and, with over 800 million views, is still the number 5 video on YouTube.

4. Cheetah Chases Impala Antelope Into Tourist’s Car on Safari

What’s cooler that seeing a cheetah hunt a herd of Impala? Seeing an Impala jump into an onlookers car and escape being cheetah food.


Uploaded in 2012, Gangnam Style has become an international sensation and has literally broken the internet. In December 2014 the video overflowed YouTube’s 32 – bit integer, because it was watched over 2 billion times and the website had to upgrade to a 64 – bit integer.