Check-out Adam Ellis’s take on 11 types of friends everyone has, especially people in their 20s and let us know if you can relate:

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Types of Friends 1

You love being friends with The Professional because they work hard but party even harder. The downside is that they make you go to overpriced bars filled with other professional people who make you question your life.

Types of Friends 2

The Scene Seeker is a tricky friendship. There exists a delicate balance between how cool the Scene Seeker is and how rude and pretentious they are. If they are super pretentious they better be getting you into the best underground indie club the world has ever seen.

Types of Friends 3

Everyone needs a Work Friend. You spend most of your time at work and having a work bud just makes it easier. Whether you need to gossip about who slept with who at the Christmas party or you need a wingman for drinks after work on Friday, your Work Friend is the man/woman for the job. Your Work Friend could also help cover-up for you when you pitch up at the office at 10am on a Monday morning.

Types of Friends 4

You probably met your Wanderer Friend while you were on a wild acid trip at a trance party somewhere in the Karoo. This friend only has a pay-as-you-go sim card, never has the same number for long, always carries a passport on their person and makes the most delicious food without recipes or a kitchen.

Types of Friends 5

Your Grownup Friend serves a dual purpose. He/She makes you feel incredibly relieved that you aren’t married or have leaking babies, but at the same time they make you feel like a child who doesn’t have his/her life together. Your Grownup Friend also comes with a nice house, home cooked meals and cute babies.

Types of Friends 6

Nobody knows why, but we all probably have a Frenemy. You just love to hate this friend but you pretend to be each other’s BFFs, while plotting the other’s social death.

Types of Friends 7

The Roommate is the friend that needs to be chosen very carefully. You want a Roommate that is relatively neat and considerate, but chilled enough to hangout with in your underwear while recovering from a house-party hangover. You want someone who is relatively presentable, but not someone you’d like to bump uglies with, because the awkward morning-after is the worst.

Types of Friends 8

Everyone needs a smart friend so that you can just seem intellectual by association. You also enjoy your Intellectual Friend’s company because you can’t always be talking about that guy from the gym or Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Types of Friends 9

Friends with Benefits can either end romantically where you fall in love with one of your best friends. Or (and the more likely scenario) you have to stop being friends because he knows that you don’t shave under your arms and you know that he likes to be spanked like a schoolboy.

Types of Friends 10

Your BFF is the most amazing person ever. This person will never forget your birthday, will always hold your hair when you get sick and would punch anyone in the throat who tries to be a dick to you.

Types of Friends 11

Because pets are better than humans.