You have to admit it, when you were little you always wanted to live in the Flintstones’ house or feel what it would feel like to live underwater in a pineapple. These people decided to make their childhood dreams come true and created their favourite cartoon houses in real life:

1. The Simpsons

This exact replica of The Simpsons house looks exactly like the one in Springfield, inside and out. The house is in Nevada, USA and was built as prize in a Pepsi and home builders competition. It is valued at a massive $120 000 (about R1 37 8265.87). We wonder what Homer spent on his house.

Cartoon Houses In Real Life 1

2. The Flintstones

Located in Malibu, USA this Flintstones house was modelled after the iconic stone-age house featured in the classic show. If it is your dream to burst into your door yelling “Yaba daba doooo” with a pet dinosaur greeting you then you’ll have to cough up $3 million (about R34 456 646.82).

Cartoon Houses In Real LIfe 2

3. Minnie Mouse

The long-time girlfriend of Mickey Mouse is quite the home-maker. This adorable Minnie Mouse house is located in Florida, USA at Mickey’s Toontown.

Cartoon Houses In Real Life 3

4. UP!

One of the most iconic flying house, this UP! house was built as part of a little girl’s Make-A-Wish foundation wish. It cost $399 000 (about R4 580 738.97) to build and even includes a basement, but not the balloons.

UP! House

 5. Hello Kitty

This feline inspired pad was designed by a die-hard fan and is located in Taipei, Taiwan.


Cartoon Houses In Real Life 5