Episode one of our favourite show, Friends, debut in 1994, which means fans have had plenty of time to find Friends plot holes.

Friends Plot Holes F

Some plot holes have been solved by dedicated fans, others remain a mystery and some have actually been corrected by the creators.

Sometimes there is an explanation…

1. Reserved Seats At Central Perk

Friends Plot Holes Reserved 2

Have you ever wondered how all 6 of the friends always end up getting the best seat in the house at Central Perk? It seems a bit weird that a place that always seems to be packed has space for 6 more. In the first episode of season 3 you even see them leaving because there’s no space at their usual spot.

Friends Plot Holes Reserved

But, it seems that the 6 amigos had every right to sit at the famous orange couch because you will notice that there is a RESERVE sign on the coffee table most of the time and we guess the other times they were just lucky to get such good seats.

2. How Much Does Joey Owe Chandler

In The One Where Rachel Is Late, Joey attempts to pay Chandler back for all the financial support Chandler has given him over a period of three years. Chandler users rent, utilities and other living expenses as categories to help calculate the amount. Chandler is then seen writing down a number and Joey immediately calls them even.

Friends Plot Holes Joey

One Redditor took up the task to calculate what that amount on the piece of paper could have been. He came to the conclusion that Joey owes Chandler about $90 760 (about R1 064 682). That’s a VERY generous friend.

Sometimes there is no explanation…

3. Rachel Wasn’t Ross’s Second

In an earlier episode Ross confesses to Joey and Chandler that his ex-wife Carol was his first, and, at the time, only sexual partner. But later on in the show Chandler accuses Ross of sleeping with their dormitory cleaning lady and Ross doesn’t deny it, saying only “Whatever dude. You kissed a guy”.

Friends Plot Holes Ross

4. There Is An Age Problem

The One Where Everyone Turns 30 features Rachel‘s 30th birthday. She’s the last of the gang to turn 30 and the rest of the episode has flashbacks of each of the friends’ 30th birthdays. However, in season 1 Joey is said to be 25 making him the youngest and suddenly in season 2 he is 28.

Friends Plot Holes Birthday

And sometimes they realise their mistake and fix it…

5. The Apartment Numbers Don’t Add Up

If someone asked you what Rachel and Monica‘s apartment number is, die-hard fans would be able to answer “20” in a heartbeat. But that’s not completely true. In the first few episode their apartment number is 5. But the writers realised that this would imply that they lived on the first floor and this didn’t make sense because you frequently see them climbing up and down stairs. So their apartment number was changed to 20 and Joey and Chandler‘s apartment number was changed from 4 to 19.