You may not have known this, but actor Ashton Kutcher owns one of the most viral media companies in America.

Ashton Kutcher 2

The company is called A+ and it has become one of the top 50 most viral websites in America, largely thanks to Kutcher’s big social media following. In 2009 Kutcher became the first person to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. He currently boasts 18 million Facebook likes and over 16 million Twitter followers. Traffic data from Quantcast shows that A+ has 27.5 million unique monthly visitors in America and a massive 47 million globally, making it even bigger than TMZ.

Ashton Kutcher 1

The website officially launched last month and was announced by the LA Times, but other than that it’s popularity has been relatively silent.

The website features “stories that make a difference and create positive change”. Content is created and curated by a 15 person editorial staff and also features content from contributors who get paid depending on the amount of page views the content generates. Content is created with a focus on “mobile-first design, media-rich content and an emphasis on media-rich content”. The content includes categories like Think, Earth and News.