Digital Detox 1

It was bound to happen – digital detox holidays have become a thing.

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Digital Detox 2

Digital Detox Holidays is a website that offers three vacation packages to help you kick your digital addiction. Whether watching TV, checking Facebook or playing video games is your poison, there is a package for you.

  1. The Detox Packages gives you suggestions of awesome holiday destinations like Italy and Australia that help you forget about your smartphone while relaxing in an amazing holiday resort or cozy winter cabin.
  2. The Highly Disconnected Packages is for the heavy tech junkies and offers an entirely switched-off holiday in destinations like the Namib dessert or Alaska.
  3. The Tech-Free Packages allows you to travel to off-the-grid holiday destinations like the Costa Rica rain forests where you have no wifi, smartphone or TV.

Digital Detox Holidays

You can also customise your digital detox holiday by choosing the kind of holiday you would love to take. You can choose between categories like Active, Couple, Wildlife and more and get the opportunity to really enjoy your experience without digital distractions.