So it’s Valentines Day next weekend but much more importantly Evolve launches on Tuesday (10th Feb 2015)! We thought this made the ideal opportunity for you to find out a little bit more about the monsters you will become so intimately engaged with from next week. Welcome to PixelVulture’s Evolve Monster Speed Dating!

As I am sure you know by now Evolve is a revolutionary 4 vs 1 multiplayer shooter that pits 4 human characters up against a single powerful monster. You have four different monsters to choose from and each have very different characteristics. Let’s get stuck in and meet our first monster:

The Goliath

Goliath was the first monster revealed to the world and is the poster boy for Evolve. Goliath is one of the more direct and aggressive monsters that Evolve has on offer, resembling something of a sexier Godzilla, it’s easy to see why.


More than just his good looks, Goliath has his bounding pace, athletic gait, spiked tail and huge muscular limbs which are perfect for chasing and crushing unsuspecting hunters. If you are a fan of physical power then there is no doubt that Goliath will turn you on.

Goliath woke up on the wrong side of angry this morning. Little is known about this Monster because scientists studying the beast wind up getting torn in half. Proving just how unfair natural selection can be, Goliath can not only punch through the hull of a starship, it can also breathe fire.

Goliath Abilities

The Kraken

If you are looking for someone to take on a beach holiday or ocean cruise then look no further. While The Kraken is defined as “an enormous mythical sea monster”, there is a lot more depth to this monster than seen at first glance.


You would be forgiven for feeling shivers down your spine when looking at his unconventional features, The Kraken resembles a cross between a deep sea-dwelling creature and fictional deity Cthulhu with its squid-like tentacles and spiny, crooked ‘just about wings’ appendages on its back.

The Kraken can take to the sky, flying and hovering to avoid ground level contact with hunters while its attacks offer a more mystical approach.

If the dictionary ever decided it needed a new word to describe the mix between waking nightmare and ungodly horror, it would undoubtedly include an image of Kraken. This tentacled monstrosity unleashes electric death on Hunters who get too close and even those who think they are safely out of range.

Kraken ABilities

The Wraith

The Wraith is the lone lady in this pack of monsters, but she makes up for that with some jaw dropping physical features. With tentacles that don’t touch the ground, no (visible) eyes and four arms (scythes and claws) she floats above the ground, and into your heart.


Her attacks are of the more paranormal persuasion; Abduction allows you teleport, grab a target and teleport back, while Decoy allows you to mislead the hunters into following the wrong trail. If successful you can isolate individual hunters, making them more vulnerable to the Wraith’s Warp Blast or Supernova attacks, huge attacks which deal large amounts of splash damage. Although the weakest monster in terms of health and armour, she is the stealthiest, most agile and difficult to track.

Wraith is the stealthy assassin. She’s a space alien Monster who warps around the battlefield, ripping into her enemies with her blade-claws. She can hit – then run – before you even see her coming.

Wraith Abilities

The Behemoth has also been revealed but will only be available at a later date, forming part of an upcoming DLC pack.

So now you have met our three eligible monsters who would you like to take on a second date when Evolve launches next week?