Forget your eyes; your iPhone is the window to your soul and you don’t just want any random person to stare into your soul. If you are a private person and you want to hide stuff on your iPhone you need to check out these 5 tips to protect your privacy (and your dignity):

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1. Use Touch ID and Complex Password

When you want to hide stuff on your iPhone, your first step is to prevent people from accessing your precious iPhone.

Touch ID prevents anyone from unlocking your phone because it uses your fingerprints to unlock your iPhone.

To setup Touch ID: Settings >Touch ID & Passcode

Hide stuff on your iPhone 1

Another good security measure is to change the standard 4-digit password for unlocking your iPhone when you’ve switched it on to the Complex Password option.

To setup Complex Password: Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, disable Simple Passcode and follow prompts

Hide stuff on your iPhone 5

2. Hide Notifications on Lock Screen

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If you don’t want curious people to see what is going on in your apps and messages you can disable the option to show your notifications when your iPhone’s screen is locked.

Here’s how: Settings > Notifications > Disable Show on Lock Screen

Hide stuff on your iPhone 4

3. Delete Messages

If you want to delete entire message threads you just swipe left over the thread you want to delete and tap Delete.

If you just want to delete certain snippets of a conversation you can hold down on the message bubble you want to delete, select More > Delete.

4. Hide Photos and Videos

When you want to hide stuff on your iPhone, your main concern is probably your photos and videos. There’s nothing wrong with snapping s sexy selfie, unless the wrong person happens to stumble upon it on your phone.

Here’s how: Press down on the photo you want to hide > Select Hide. The photos you want to hide are now in a Hidden Album.

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5. Clear Safari Search History

When you want to hide stuff from your iPhone, your browser search history could be the most private thing on your iPhone.

To browse privately: Open Safari > Tape the page icon in the bottom right corner > Private

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To clear your entire search history: Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

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