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instaLens is a range of optical lenses which can be mounted onto basically any phone or tablet with a built-in camera.

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The range consists of five camera lenses that can be magnetically mounted onto most devices with a built-in camera. The five lenses offer over six different optical effects enabling you to capture the perfect phone photo everytime. The range consists of the wide-angle and macro, the fisheye, the polariser, the panoramic super and the five times optical zoom.

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Each lens costs about R299.00, except the zoom which costs R399.00, making the product pretty affordable. There are also 2 instaSets available for the indecisive. The insaLens Starter Set, available for R499.00, consists of 1 x instaLens wide/macro and 1 x instaLens fisheye. The instaLens Complete Set costs R1 499.00 and includes all five lenses in the range.Each lens comes with three metal ring stickers to fit around the camera on your device which will allow you to magnetically mount the lens on most devices. You can get yours here.

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Check out the gallery of shots taken with instaLenses: