The world’s first robot-staffed hotel will open in July of this year in Japan.

Robot-Staffed Hotel 1

Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch theme park, has revealed its plans to open a high-tech, robot-staffed hotel in Japan where you will be served by humanoid robots. The robot-staffed hotel will be named Henna-na, meaning Strange Hotel.

Robot-Staffed Hotel 2

The robots, called Actroid Androids, will be able to greet and receive guests, clean rooms, make drinks, take luggage to the rooms and will have human-like features and behaviours like speaking and smiling. The robots can speak four different languages – English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Clearly Henna-na aims to have the most cost and energy-efficient hotel in the world. Being a partially robot-staffed hotel reduces operational costs and increases productivity and reliability. The hotel aims to eventually be 90% staffed by robots.

Robot-Staffed Hotel 5

Other features like facial-recognition room doors and minimal amenities provided in rooms significantly reduce the operational costs as well as pricing on rooms, with starting rates at 7,000 Yen (about R675.82) for a single room to 18,000 Yen (about R1737.82) for a triple room. Guests will be able to order room amenities and other things like food and drinks by using a tablet located in each room. The hotel rooms will also be able to detect body temperature and adjust the room temperature accordingly.

Robot-Staffed Hotel 3

Its high-tech features and low operational costs could make Henna-na a major attraction and, according to Hideo Sawada, the CEO of Huis Ten Bosch, this is just the start:

In the future, we’re hoping to build 1,000 similar hotels around the world

Robot-Staffed Hotel 4