The 2015 Student Tech Survey has revealed which social media sites and messaging platforms are the most popular among students.

The 2015 Student Tech Survey was conducted by World Wide Worx and Student Brands, and was funded by Standard Bank. More than 2 300 students at tertiary institutions across South Africa participated in the survey to establish digital, smartphone and tech trends among students.

Facebook Rules

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The 2015 survey found that 97% of the participants used Facebook, followed by Twitter which 67% of the participants claimed to use. YouTube got 44%, Instagram got 40% and LinkedIn got 36%.


92% of the participants admitted to using WhatsApp as their primary messaging app and Facebook Messenger came in second with 55%. Despite BlackBerry’s general decline in popularity in the mobile market, 48% of the participants still use BBM. WeChat got 22% and MXit has a 17% student market penetration according to the survey.

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Most Popular Smartphones

The 2015 Student Tech Survey revealed that Android is the most popular devices amongst students, with 38% overtaking BlackBerry (32%), which was last years most popular OS. This suggests that despite its efforts, BlackBerry continues to lose its popularity in the smartphone market. However, BlackBerry remains the first choice among students in terms of branded phones, beating Samsung with 27% and Nokia with 21%.

The survey showed that 11% of the 2 300 participants still use feature phones in South Africa. Interestingly, half of the survey’s participants admitted that they would choose the iPhone if they didn’t have to worry about price, with 29% of the participants choosing Samsung when asked the same question.

It seems that money really does matter (especially on a student budget). In terms of what the future holds, the survey revealed that 43% of the participants intend to buy a Samsung phone next, 17% will pick up an iPhone and only 10% of the participants intend on buy a BlackBerry.

Other Findings

The survey revealed that a massive 95% of the participants have bank accounts and 92% are happy with their current bank. The researchers found that students’ banking habits remain rather outdated stating that

Visiting a bank branch remained the most popular form of getting information from the banks at 58%, telephonic assistance second at 51% and the website third, with 42%. Social media was still far down the list, at only 9%.

11% of the students who were survey admitted to being “very addicted” to social media sites, while 43% admitted to being a “little addicted”. This means that more than 50% of South African students are experiencing social media addiction. Instant messaging addiction is a little higher with 20% of the participants admitting to being “very addicted” and 35% admitted to being a “little addicted”.

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15% of the students surveyed admitted to giving their smartphones and social media accounts priority over their studies. The same percentage of participants admitted to using their smartphones during lectures instead of paying attention.

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