The Simpsons have been our favourite family since 1990. But who would’ve guessed that our beloved yellow inhabitants of Springfield could actually predict the future of tech and gaming? Check out our pick of 5 of the best predictions The Simpsons got right:

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1. Autocorrect

Back in 1994 the popular show predicted that autocorrect would be extremely annoying. The episode showed the school bullies trying to type “Beat up Martin” on an Apple device. But the device keeps autocorrecting the message to “Eat up Martha”. Fast forward to today and hilarious autocorrect fails are an internet sensation.

The Simpsons 3

2. Farmville

Either you are completely addicted to playing Farmville or you delete people off of Facebook because you hate their constant Farmville requests. But little did we know that The Simpsons would predict our obsession with virtual labour. In 1998 an episode aired where all the children of Springfield went nuts for a game called “Yard Work Simulator”.

The Simpsons 1 3. 3D Printing

Back in 2005 Marge thought that “science has invented magic” when she used a 3D printed to turn a picture into a cake. Now 3D printing is so advanced that functioning human organs can be created.

The Simpsons 2

4. Virtual Reality Headsets

In 1993 an episode was aired where the characters are seen playing virtual reality games in the future and are depicted wearing VR headsets. Now there are many VR headsets available like the HTC Vine.

The Simpsons 5

5. iPod

This prediction is really creepy because it really seems legit. In a 1996 episode characters are shown using an intercom that looks almost exactly like the original iPod. Although the device wasn’t depicted as an Apple product or MP3 player, it is crazy how much it looks like the design of the iPod.

The Simpsons 4