This week Apple gave us some exciting and surprising details about the Apple Watch. Some of our burning questions have finally been answered, like how much the Watch will cost, when it will start shipping and what apps for the Apple Watch we can expect.

The company revealed that pre-orders for the Apple Watch will open on 10 April 2015 and shipping will start later in April. We were also told that the standard steel version will set you back around $1 049 (about R12 000) and the Apple Watch Edition (the gold version) will start at $10 000 (about R120 000)!!!

Other details like different watch face options and that battery life is about 18 hours were also released. But what a lot of people really wanted to know was which apps will work on the Apple Watch and how they will work.

Built-in Apps For The Apple Watch

The Watch will ship with some built-in apps that you might recognise like Phone, Messages, Mail and Calendar. But you will also notice that there are some custom built-in apps that were specifically developed for the Apple Watch like Activity, Workout and Remote Camera. As can be expected, apps will work a little bit differently than they do on your iPhone or iPad.


The Apple Watch will alert you with a vibration when you’ve received a new message. You can then read the full message on your Watch by simply raising your wrist up to eye-level. You can then respond to the message by dictating a reply via Siri, send an animated emoji or record an audio message.

Apps For The Apple Watch Messages


You are able to read emails, flag them, mark them as unread or read or move them to Trash on your Apple Watch, but you will need to open the mail on your iPhone when you want to type a response.


You can use your Apple Watch to control the music on your iPhone, which means you never have to leave the party to change a song or to turn-up the volume. You can also listen to music on your Watch when you are on the go using wireless headphones.


You can view all your photos which are on your iPhone  right on your Watch, which means you can take your memories with you everywhere.


Activity is one of the many new apps for the Apple Watch and is basically like having a personal trainer with you all the time. The main goal of this app is to get you off your butt and  to get you moving more. You are able to view your daily activity through three simple activity rings that are easy to interpret on quick glance.

Apps For The Apple Watch Activity

Camera Remote

One of the most exciting new apps for the Apple Watch is Camera Remote. Even though the Watch doesn’t come with a camera you can still use it for taking pictures. Camera Remote can be used to turn your Apple Watch into a viewfinder for your iPhone’s iSight camera. This means that you can take the ultimate selfie or you can always be part of group shots.

App Store Apps For The Apple Watch

Apple announced that many new apps have already been developed specifically for the Apple Watch, with the company working with many third-party developers to customise apps for the Watch.


You are able to view your Twitter Feed directly on your Apple Watch and will receive notifications, like retweets or trending topics on your Watch. You can even compose a tweet by using dictation and post it without having to use your iPhone.


You can view your Instagram feed on your Watch, Like photos and comment using emojis.

Apps For The Apple Watch Instagram


This puzzle game gives you a daily brain workout, with animated characters leading your through 10 stages to achieve your daily goals. You can see detailed statics of your progress and your achievements.


Shazam is another one of those apps for the Apple Watch that has been perfectly customised to be used on your wrist. By tapping the Shazam icon on your Watch your iPhone listens to what is playing. The artist and name of the song will be displayed on your Apple Watch. But what’s really cool about the Shazam app for the Apple Watch is that it displays the lyrics of the song that is playing in time with the song so you are able to sing along.

Apps For The Apple Watch Shazam

AMPLIFi Remote

A musicians dream, The AMPLIFi Remote app lets you take your guitar tuner everywhere. This app allows you to plug your iPhone into an amplifier and tune your guitar using your Watch. The Apple Watch will show you which note you are playing and whether you are too sharp, flat or perfectly in-tune.