Apple has some of the best and most exciting events. Everyone is usually very excited when the invites go out and yesterday’s Apple event did not disappoint.

The event was led by Apple’ CEO, Tim Cook. Cook started off the event with some interesting statistics like the fact that over 700 million iPhones have been sold, claiming that iPhone is now the most popular smartphone in the world.

Here is everything you need to know:

The New Mac

Apple Event

Cook started off saying that iPhone and iPad have changed the definition of portability, which has created the need for smaller laptops. The new Macbook (its name wasn’t revealed at yesterday’s apple event) is the thinnest and lightest Mac ever. It weighs just under 1kg and is only 13mm thick. It comes with a 12″ Retina display and 2 304 x 1 440 pixel resolution. Apple claims that it will have a 30% longer battery life than previous MacBooks, which translates into 9 hours of wireless web use and 10 hours of video.

Apple Event

What’s really cool about the new MacBook is its powerful Intel Core M processor that is capable of speeds of up to 1.3GHz and doesn’t have a fan. There will be three colour options: silver, space grey and gold. The new MacBook will start shipping in April and will cost about $1 299 (about R16 000).

Apple Event 4

Apple Watch

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for, the Apple Watch will be open for pre-orders from 10 April 2015 and will start shipping later in April.

Apple Event 5

The watch can obviously tell time, but it is so much more than that. It has a digital touch feature which lets you “touch” someone else who is also wearing an Apple Watch or you can let someone feel your heartbeat, a feature couples in long-distance relationships will really enjoy.

Apple Event 7

There is no camera on the watch, but there are many digital faces to choose from. The faces can also be customised to include meetings or reminders. The Apple Watch will be able to remind you not to sit down and to keep moving, basically like having a trainer with you all day.

You don’t have to be within Bluetooth range to take a call on the watch, you only need to be on your home Wi-Fi. Apple showed us how cool Instagram and Shazam worked on the watch and you can even download sing-along lyrics onto the watch using Shazam. You use Siri dictation to reply to messages and emails, a nice feature if you are on the go.

The big question on everyone’s minds was how long will the battery last. The answer is 18 hours according to Cook, who demonstrated the watch at the Apple event.

Apple even 2

If you are thinking of getting an Apple Watch you are probably not looking at getting the Apple Watch Edition (the gold one) which starts at $10 000 (about R120 000)!!!! The steel version will set you back around $1 049 (about R12 000), with the 42mm sizes costing $50 (about R600) more.

Apple Event 6