Fourteen of the sixteen fired Generations actors have made a last attempt to have Generations: The Legacy taken off the air.

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Fired Generations Actors 1

The fired Generations actors have filed yet another set of court papers at the South Gauteng High Court. The drama all started last year when sixteen of the cast members of Generations were fired and the show took a two month break, following a labour dispute between said actors who were demanding higher wages and royalties. The dispute revolves around an alleged breach of contract by the SABC and creator of Generations, Mfundi Vundlu. The said contract apparently stipulated that the SABC would reinstate the actors following their dismissal and would meet their demands. By the SABC recasting the soapie and rebranding it to Generations: The Legacy, the fired Generations actors alleged that the SABC were in breach of contract and were violating the actors’ labour rights and constitutional rights.

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Now, fourteen of the actors (Sophie Ndaba and Winnie Ntshaba have not been included in the latest court papers) have filled yet another court application against Vundla and the SABC alleging that by recasting and rebranding the popular South African soapie while contracts were still in place (which were to expire in 2016 only), the SABC is violating the procurement procedures the Constitution prescribes. The court papers state that the SABC has a duty in terms of the Constitution to follow a procurement procedure that was “fair, competitive, cost effective, transparent and equitable“. The actors allege that this procurement procedure was not followed and that Generations: The Legacy should be cancelled, because the commissioning of the show and everyone involved in procurement didn’t follow a fair procedure.

Vundla remains as unaffected as always by the fired actors’ legal threats commenting that the actors “must get a life and move on“. Vundla has no intention of returning to the old story line and is determined to continue to focus on the new rebranded soapie.