Buzzfeed thought it would be entertaining to watch Americans try South African food and the results were really hilarious.

Six people (in groups of two) were given six traditional South African snacks and their reactions included some funny comments and pronunciations, love-at-first-bite and utter disgust. The traditional snacks included biltong and droë wors, Anchovette (fish spread), Rock Shandies and Ouma rusks.

Some of our favourite comments were:

Peck’s Anchovette“It smells like what they’d feed penguins”. That is probably because penguins DO eat fish.

Americans Try South African Food 1

Droë wors“It tastes like sausage your grandpa forgot about.” Spot on! It basically is just old, dried sausage.

Biltong“It looks like cool bacon.”

Americans Try South African Food 2

Everyone obviously loved the Koeksisters and, surprisingly the Rock Shadies were a hit, with one participant saying that its “like drinking a soft gust of air”. The Anchovette was obviously everyone’s least favourite South Africa snack with one participant asking whether naughty children are given the fish spread to eat as a form of punishment. We loved one of the participants’ suggestion to crush up Ouma Rusks and sprinkle it over ice-cream.

Americans Try South African Food 3

We wonder what some of them would’ve said about other traditional South African food like Mopane worms, Bokkoms, Bunny chow, Afval or Amasi.

Watch Americans try South African food and let us know which moment was your favourite: