Having a second monitor makes certain tasks simpler, especially if you are working on multiple documents. Unfortunately, monitors can be expensive and can take up a lot of space. The perfect solution is to turn your iPad into a second monitor, because many Mac users also own an iPad.

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Turn Your iPad Into A Second Monitor 1

There are many apps to turn your iPad into a second monitor, but we reckon Duet Display works the best. Other apps are flawed in that they use WiFi to connect your iPad to your Mac, which could cause some lag because of unstable connections, also you aren’t always able to connect. Duet Display, which was developed by ex-Apple engineers, has solved this problem by connecting your iPad to your Mac using the standard charging cable (which includes the new Lightning cable or the old 30-pin cable).

Turn Your iPad Into A Second Monitor 2

The iPad app can be purchased from iTunes for $15.99 (about R198,37). Once you’ve installed the app on your iPad you will be directed to download the free Mac app. Once the app is installed on both devices you can immediately start using your iPad as a second monitor. But, annoyingly, your iPad can’t charge while you are using it as a second monitor with Duet Display.

What we like about Duet Display is that you can move between your Mac and iPad seamlessly, with no lag. The experience on the iPad is also really interesting because touch control works exactly the same as always and it’s cool to use OS X with a touch screen. Another plus for this app is that it uses your charging cable to turn your iPad into a second screen, which means that you can use it without needing a WiFi connection. However, it is a bit of a bummer that your iPad doesn’t charge while you are using it with Duet Display.