Huawei has released an in-car Wifi device, dubbed the Huawei CarFi.

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The device is a 4G LTE in-car Wifi device that turns your car into a WiFi hotspot, which means you never have to be disconnected.  The Huawei CarFi is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and can act as an in-car WiFi device for up to 10 devices. You are also able to transfer the device between different cars, with Huawei claiming that the CarFi can be used in up to 400 different branded cars. Huawei stated that:

Huawei devices such as Huawei CarFi make it Possible for people to enjoy the freedom of connectivity on the move. Automotive connectivity, known in the industry as telematics, is a significant trend that will provide safety, convenience, and infotainment in the future.

This little in-car WiFi device could make Huawei the industry leader in car-connectivity penetration. Car-connectivity is bound to become huge as it provides consumers with benefits like parking assist, vehicle issue diagnosis, GPS, road-side assistance and entertainment for passengers.


The Huawei CarFi can be used to charge your devices even when it isn’t turned on. The device has no battery and will switch off automatically when no compatible device is in-rage. These functions were designed to ensure that the device won’t overheat (a real risk for in-car devices). The device fits into your car’s cigarette lighter or charger outlet.


The device sports an elegant and durable design which was inspired by the shape of a golf club. This in-car WiFi device is not only stylish, but also really reliable combining superior-grade wood and carbon fiber materials to ensure that it can withstand everyday car-use.  You can choose between fashion elite black, warm family wood or dynamic speed red to ensure that the device perfectly reflects the design of your car.


The Huawei CarFi will start shipping to South Africa by the end of the year. Drop us a comment below and let us know if you will be buying one.